Clípeo - Vitis Wine Merchants


100% Garnacha Tinta



Single vinyards of more than 100 years old carefully harvested in 15kg boxes. Vintage calified as very good by DO Rioja in the warmest year recorded to date in Rioja. We want to underline its blue shades color intensity.

The nose reveals bright fruit witn reminds of strawberries and raspberries. It posses a well estructured palate full of complexity with silky and elegant tanins. Balanced acidity with outstanding lenght in mouth.


The beetle walks among the inert stones in the vineyard. He is the best ally and the worst enemy of life. Time, looks at him arrogantly. He believes himself to be a tyrant who transforms mortals into the perishable serf. It is true, because the passage of days does not forgive the high spirits and punishes the momentary weakness. But the beetle feels strong, its clypeus, its armour, safeguards him from the elements, the telluric tensions and the celestial outbursts.