Clípeo Maturana - Vitis Wine Merchants


100% White Maturana


The tracks of the beetle are a sign of good fortune in ‘terra incognita’. He has made a long pilgrimage to a handful of forgotten hectares that hide some of the most desired strains of Rioja Alta. There it takes care of the white maturana, a grape previously forgotten, now cared til craving. ‘Clípeo 100% Maturana Blanca’ puts on the map an elegant and ecological wine, made with a variety that has returned from the past.

Single variety 100% Maturana Blanca vinified in its own yeast reaching 13,5% alcohol volume. It presents a light gold yellow color, slightly cloudy, and shows dense legs in the glass. The nose remebers herbal, mieneral, balsamic notes and a complex aroma. In mouth is a very fresh wine, fine and elegant, acidity entry that gives path plenty of fruit.