Cerro La Isa Viñedo Singular

The Project

Cerro la Isa Viñedo Singular is a tandem endeavour by Juan Carlos Sancha and Vitis Wine Merchants to celebrate and distinguish a unique vineyard through Rioja’s new highest recognition of quality: Viñedo Singular wines.

The success of Clípeo wines has spurred us on to continue working together in close collaboration in the pursuit of excellence, and thus emerged the idea of Cerro la Isa, one of the first Viñedo Singular vineyards in Rioja.

We are outspoken advocates of terroir in support of bringing back lesser-known varieties just as Juan Carlos Sancha has indeed done; his significant contribution has put Najerilla Garnachas and whites on the map.

Two Cerro la Isa Viñedo Singular wines have been certified during this very first recognition of Viñedos Singulares, in which only eight wines earned the distinction after a second mandatory tasting. Moreover, Juan Carlos Sancha is the only winemaker who produced both a red and a white Viñedo Singular wine.

Following the time-honoured custom in Rioja, Juan Carlos’ great-grandfather planted the vineyard to support future generations on the year his son was married.

Only 1,200 bottles of these maximum-quality wines will be available as a result of the sparse yield and precision selection process in the vineyard. These are wines with a very long lifetime of ageing ahead of them.

Cerro la Isa

Viñedo Singular

Cerro la Isa Garnacha 2017 and Cerro la Isa Blanco 2018 have earned the highest classification awarded by the D.O.Ca Rioja Regulatory Board: “Viñedo Singular”. This distinction is only bestowed upon wines originating exclusively from a single, recognised and unique “Viñedo Singular” vineyard. These wines must also pass a two-tier quality evaluation of technical wine tastings with an “Excellent” rating before they are released on the market.

Their specialised and exclusive seal identifies them as “Viñedo Singular” wines.

Vineyards are officially granted this topmost designation based on differentiating factors including weather, agricultural and geological aspects, as well as oenological criteria. The vines that produce Viñedo Singular wines must be at least 35 years old and have both a limited yield (5,000 kg/h for reds and 6,922 kg/h for whites) and transformation rate (65%). Viticulture practices must be sustainable and environmentally responsible (manual harvesting only) and the process is monitored through strict physical and documentation checks.


Cerro la Isa Viñedo Singular

Garnacha 2017

Botella Cerro La Isa Garnacha

Cerro la Isa Viñedo Singular

Blanco 2018

Botella Cerro La Isa Blanco