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Vitis wine Merchants is an initiatory trip to the origin of the best wines. The passion for the terroir leads us to pick up our boots and walk between the small plots in which man’s hand carries the raw material of the vineyard to another time. In the same transit we have grouped vintners, winemakers and merchants, furtive lovers of pleasure for wines with identity. We have all signed a contract with hedonism in that we must put the taste of the terroir on the table.

We are a society of restless accomplices that welcome those who share three maxims:


Immediacy is the synonym of our time. Liquid culture rewards youth and transience, it belittles the experience and knowledge from those who have done so for years and do not disguise themselves. The road taken so far makes it clear that we have to backtrack our steps and go back in time. We look for old vineyards, vines with the amassed collection of decades, centennial vines that provide a unique singularity to the wine.


An identity is built with a fidelity to the terroir’s values. It is a feeling that makes exceptional those who blossom it and elevates those who share it. We do not argue with genetics, nor do we cheat with it: we believe in native varieties as a differential element that brings us closer to knowing the essence of the best terroir.


All technological idealisation impoverishes the vineyard: to intervene in it is to take away its complex character, destroys it. We bet on a heroic viticulture, from past times, that knows how to perform in any condition. We rely on the work of artisans who know how to read when the grape has to be pampered or when the vineyard has to suffer almost to the extreme. The personality of the vintner and winemaker are a sine qua non in our wines.

We make singular wine to enjoy it in plural

Clípeo - Vitis Wine Merchants

100% Garnacha Tinta

Clípeo Tempranillo - Vitis Wine Merchants

100% White Tempranillo

Clípeo Maturana - Vitis Wine Merchants

100% White Maturana

Alcaudón - Vitis Wine Merchants


Alcaudón Joven - Vitis Wine Merchants


Loyal to the values of the terroir 

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